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Grounding, ElectroSmog and Electromagnetic Radiation.

Earthing, Grounding and ElectroSmog

About Grounding and Electro-Smog

Benefits of Grounding

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Earthing Basics

Understanding Earthing (Grounding)

Useful Links, Resources and Testimonials

Medical Professionals

Smart Meter Awareness

Smart Meter Awareness

Smart Meter Awareness

Anti Nano Device Instructions

Different Formulas and Frequency of Use

The formulas from Herbs Plus and how often to use the Buckets

The Wavemaster~NANO~(Mega-VAR) Complete System Quick Start Guide

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy

What is PEMF Therapy?

Benefits of PEMF Therapy:

History and use as Wellness Devices

How to Apply PEMFs

Introduction to Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic Field Polarity

PEMF Therapy Frequency, Intensity, and Waveform


Electronic Manuals for 2Ground Products

PEMF Therapy

Wavemaster~COMBO~(Mega) Quick Start Guide-REV1

Wavemaster Mega and Combo Controllers, Power Module Instructions

Wavemaster~NANO~ Complete Systems Instruction

RF Meters

GigaHertz Solutions HFW59D RF Meter Manual



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