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How to Install Wired Internet in Your Home

With many of the internet service providers (Comcast, AT&T, etc.) hoping to use their wireless modem to control your “smart” home, having a wired internet setup can be more challenging than it was 5-10 years ago. The following specific steps will help you navigate this process so that you don’t have the privacy, security and health risks associated with the powerful WiFi modems these companies provide.

Netgear N600 Router

Step 1:
 Determine your internet service provider. If it is Comcast, then you can now call to request a basic modem that has no WiFi capabilities. There is a pending class-action lawsuit against their new Xfinity WiFi systems, so they are now giving customers more control over what comes into their homes (I write about the problems with Comcast Xfinity in this article). If your only choice is AT&T, then you are pretty much stuck with their all-in-one modem/router combo. AT&T wants to eventually provide all internet/TV data through cell towers (wirelessly), so they are currently providing very powerful WiFi enabled modems. The good thing is that you can disable the WiFi in an AT&T modem by following the process in this video.

Step 2: Let’s assume you have Comcast and have called to acquire the basic modem without WiFi (this is the Arris model TM722G). You can either rent this modem from Comcast ($10/month) or purchase your own here. You will then need a router to send the data to your computers, tablets and TV. For this, I suggest a Netgear Router (pictured above), which has an easy On/Off switch for WiFi (keep it off except for rare occasions). This router will allow you to run up to 4 Ethernet cables to different computers and a TV. It will also give you the option for temporary WiFi should you ever need it for a guest. Note that you could get this Netgear modem/router combo that integrates with Comcast. This will save you the monthly modem rental fee.

Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Step 3:
 You will now need some Ethernet cables. One short cable (3-5 feet) will go from your Comcast modem to your Netgear Router. This will typically be provided by Comcast or within the Netgear router box. For Ethernet cables that will go from your Netgear Router to your laptops, I suggest flat, shielded CAT7 cables that come in 25 or 50 feet. If you need extra distance, here is a 100 foot Ethernet cable that works well.

USB to Ethernet Adapter

Step 4:
 Programming your Netgear Router is very easy. There are basic setup instructions in the box (just a few initial steps) and there is a CD that comes with the router if your computer has a CD drive. The CD will do the installation (or you can download the file) and you will just need to set a password for your home network.

Step 5: For PC computers and TV’s, you can simply plug the Ethernet cables into the devices. If you use Apple computers and tablets, you will need an adapter to get the Ethernet to your Macbook Air or iPad. The best option is the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.  Just make sure your device has a Thunderbolt port. If not, then get a USB to Ethernet adapter. It is now also possible to wire an iPad. The picture below from a Petaluma School District Parent’s Group shows this. Please contact me for specific instructions.

Wired iPad Setup

Step 6:
 Now that you have wired internet in your home, there are just a couple things left to do. You will want to turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth functions on your laptop (turning off the Airport for Macs and putting PCs in airplane mode). This will keep it from radiating and searching for a network while you work on the device. I also suggest that you get an external keyboard and mouse, such as this one, so that you are not directly contacting your computer all day while you work. This will help you from feeling drained while working on the computer.

Hopefully these steps will will help you easily make your home much healthier for you and your family!

Also, if you have had experiences with different internet providers across the country, feel free to share below.

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