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We hope you are enjoying the summer weather here in the Northern Hemisphere. Remember to get outdoors and ground yourself by walking barefoot or laying down as often as possible on the grass (preferably when wet in the morning from the dew), on the sand or beach. As long as any part of your skin is making contact with the Earth's surface, you will gain the health beneftis from grounding yourself. You can always ground indoors as well with simple grounding devices.

Just a quick note to keep you informed of our continuing efforts to bring you great products at reasonable prices.We are introducing some new products shortly:

  • the next generation of Wavemaster~COIL~ Controllers with variable power and frequency control. The added ability to control two Coils at once.
  • lightweight, elegant COILPRO Coils made from natural, renewable and sustainable materials with detachable VELCRO fasteners to free your hands and keep the Coil(s) securely in place
  • new Shielding Kits with improved Shielding materials to block up to 18GHz radiation
  • New Anti-Nano System design with upgraded Buckets

The release dates have not been announced but should be before mid-August. We will update the Blog here as the days approach for the new products.

Thank you from the 2Ground team!

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