Wavemaster~COIL~(Mega-Var) coming out this week along with 2 more new products shortly after...

Three new products will be released this week!

Below is an image depicting the upcoming "Wavemaster~COIL~(Mega-Var)" layout.It is the same as the Wavemaster~COIL~(Mega) except it does not have a Sleep Timer but it does have a Variable Frequency Dial to control the frequency from 1 Hz to 25Hz. It will also control two COILPRO Coils at the same time, for example, a 6" Coil for the knees and a 4" Coil for the elbows. It has a POWER ON/OFF Switch, an LED light that shines when a Pulse is being delivered to the Coil(s) and a Variable Frequency Dial. The rectangular shape is where the Power Level Adjustment Module is located, as before.

Also, we are introducing the "Tablet Pal", a tray for your Tablet or Laptop that has built-in Radio Frequency Shielding Fabric and Foil to protect the reproductive organs from harmful Radio Frequency radiation while using a Tablet or Laptop.

The "WiFi Snuffer" is almost ready for release. It is a cover that goes over a WiFi router when you do not want to be affected by the radiation from your WiFi router, for example, when you are ready for sleep.

Stay tuned for release dates...

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