The Wavemaster ~Nano~ (Mini * PLUS 7 *), Anti Nano Bucket Foot Bath System, 7.0 Amps DC Current to the Bucket Coil


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The Wavemaster ~Nano~ (Mini * PLUS 7 *) is our highest Output Current Model, at 7.0 Amps, made available for Public use to date! It is an Anti-Nano Foot Bath Bucket With Power Supply, Adjustable Frequency and Pulse Controller which is made in Canada by 2Ground. That is outstanding Nano-Busting Power! It is in stock and available for shipping now.

At two times the Power of our Regular Anti-Nano Buckets, the Wavemaster ~Nano~ (Mini * PLUS 7 *) needs to be used for only half the time, so instead of 20 to 30 minute treatments a few times a week, you only need to use it for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week!

  • The "Wavemaster ~Nano~" line of Anti Nano Bucket Controllers have new Solid State relays
  • The elimination of ElectroMechanical relays allow for extended use
  • Less heat dissipation and high current flow means more powerful Magnetic Fields
  • Solid State Relays provide years of dependable service (warranty information to follow shortly, minimum one (1) year).
  • Elegant, durable Pulse Controller Enclosure in a compact design
  • Quick connectors to Power Supply and Bucket for easy Bucket cleaning and storage. Reverse the Connectors from the Pulse Controller to the Bucket once a week to reverse the Magnetic Field Polarity for best results.
  • Magnetic Flux Density exceeds 65 Gauss peak

We have increased the number of windings around the bucket from approximately 65 to 100 using 20 AWG stranded wire.
The increased windings means more current can be supplied to the windings, which in turn creates a stronger magnetic field.
The Wavemaster ~Nano~ (Mini * PLUS 7 *) sends approximately 7.0 AMPS to the Bucket, twice as much as the Mini * PLUS * !
The simple design is cost effective and the most powerful version to date. Quick connect and disconnect of wires to the Bucket and Power Supply allows for easy cleaning and storage of the System (see details in the pictures).

Package includes:

  • Pulse Controller (set by 2Ground for 2 seconds "ON" and 2 seconds "OFF", it can easily be changed by removing four (4) screws to access the Dual timers). It can help you eliminate all of the nasty nano buildup we have all been ingesting since the 1950s! The module will deliver approximately 7.0 Amps DC current to the Bucket Coil. 
  • Volt and Amp Meters for visual feedback of equipment operation, you can see how much current and how frequently it is being delivered to the Bucket Coil.
  • Durable, HDPE Food Grade Certified 5 Gallon (US) Plastic Bucket, 100+ windings of 20AWG 10-strand wire with Quick Connectors
  • 24 Volt DC at 8.8 AMPS Power Supply with Quick Connectors
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to shipping

Technical Specifications

Pulse Controller:

  • Input Voltage: 6 to 30 Volts DC
  • Output Current: approximately 7.0 Amps DC
  • Maximum Current through Solid State Power Transistor = 30 Amps with additional, optional cooling fan
  • Frequency and Pulse Range: 0.1 seconds to 99.9 seconds via two individually adjustable timers (Preset by 2Ground for 2 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF, infinite loop. If you prefer a different preset, please ask when ordering, there is no charge)
  • Volt Meter displays up to 100 Volts DC
  • Ammeter displays up to 10 Amps DC current
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Small, sturdy, lightweight and water resistant packaging
  • Quick Connectors included
    Power Supply:
    • Input Voltage: 100 to 240 Volts AC (can be used world-wide. NOTE: for use where there is non-North American style receptacles, please supply your own Universal Power Adapter)
    • Output Voltage: 24 Volts DC
    • Output Current: 8.8 Amps continuous
    • Short Circuit Protection built in
    • Overload Protection built in
    • Overcurrent Protection built in
    • Automatic Reset
    • Quick Connectors included


      • Health Canada Certified HDPE Food Grade Plastic Bucket with 5 U.S. gallon capacity
      • approximately 100+ windings (330+ feet) of 20 AWG, stranded copper wire
      • approximately 6.5 feet of wire from the Bucket to the Pulse Controller allows for easy cleaning.
      • Quick Connectors included


      Use with Herbs Plus and Beadworks recommended liquid solutions for Nano Particle cleansing.

      From the Herbs Plus and Beadworks Site:

      How to Use

      Use any of the three (3) formulas below.

      Formula 1 - take 3 gallons of Vinegar (white) and add 1/8-1/4 cup of salt. Mix thoroughly and then connect the power supply. Sit with either one leg or both in the pail for 10-15 minutes. 

      Formula 2 – take 3 gallons of Distilled Water and 1-2 caps of DMSO, Citric acid 1/8-1/4 cup and Salt 1/8- 1/4  cup.  Mix thoroughly and then connect the power supply. Sit with either one leg or both in the pail for 10-15 minutes. 

       Formula 3 - take TSP -1/8 cup Salt, 1/8 cup Citric Acid, Distilled water 3-3.5 gallons (12 litres for the metrically oriented). Mix thoroughly and then connect the power supply. Sit with either one leg or both in the pail for 10-15 minutes. 

      For more information on the specific formulas, please contact:

      1471 Ottawa Street 
      Windsor, ON
      N8X 2G1
      Phone Number: 519-977-5351
      Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm Eastern time

      See the Pulse Controller in action in the video below.

      The next video gives more detailed instructions to set/reset the Controller.



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