"Shield-PRO" Cell Phone, Tablet, E-Reader and Notebook Shielding Tray


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If you enjoy using your cell phone, tablet, netbook, E-Reader or laptop while relaxing on the couch or bed (and who doesn't these days?), this is a perfect option to protect your vital reproductive organs from the harmful radiation emitted by these devices.

Our custom designed "Shield-PRO" RF Shielding Trays block analogue and pulsed digital signals from the above named devices, up to 18Ghz.

The RF signals generated by consumer electronics these days reach to 5.8GHz so we have "overdesigned" the Shield-PRO for future increase in frequency by manufacturers of RF emitting devices.
They  also offer an effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields.

Solid, multi-layer construction using our EMF/RF Shielding Fabric (18GHz RF Shielding), Shielding Foil (10GHz RF Shielding) and Shielding Tape. Each Tray is further strengthened by adding strips of Shielding Foil across the bottom surface and around the perimeter. 
The Shield-PRO Tray materials (RF Shielding Fabric and Foil) have the following benefits 

  • Excellent High Frequency RF Shielding characteristics to 18GHz
  • Effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields 
  • Electrically Conductive
  • Heavy Duty / Tear Proof
  • Rubberized surface holds items in place at comfortable reading angles
  • Protective ledge around the surface perimeter protects against accidental falling off of items
  • Safe to handle and non-toxic
  • Available in four (4) colours: Black, Blue, Brown and White, please select from the Drop Down Colour Select Box
Technical Specifications:

Approximate Dimensions  13" x 10" Surface, less handles and ledge
Weight  approx. 350 Grams (12.3 ounces)

RF Power Attenuation (approximate)


Blocking Power @  1 GHz

120 dB  or  99.9999999999 %

Blocking Power @  2 GHz

110 dB  or  99.999999999 %

Blocking Power @ 10 GHz

100 dB  or  99.99999999 %

Blocking Power @ 18 GHz 90 dB  or  99.99999999 %

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  • can I use it underneath my fitted cotton bed sheet?

    Your skin must be contacting the Shielding Mat for it to be effective.
    Covering it with a cotton sheet will not work.
    We will have Cotton Ground Sheets available shortly.
    Thank you.