3-in-1 Detector Find Metal Wood Studs AC Voltage Live Wire Wall Scanner Electric Box Finder with Groove + Buzzer Handheld Tester FREE SHIPPING!


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Power Type: Battery-Powered
Model Number: E04-022
With LCD Screen Or Not: No
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Detection Depth (Stud Mode): Wood stud of 30 x 30mm : <18mm
Detection Depth (Metal Mode): Iron pipe of o 25 : <30mm
Detection Depth (AC Mode): Typical depth of 50mm for 90~250V at 50~60Hz
Operation Condition: -7~40 deg.C below 75% RH
Storage condition: -20~50 deg.C below 85%RH
Battery: 1 x 9V Battery
Dimensions: 151 x 66 x 31mm
Weight: about 164g (including battery)
Type: Stud Tester

Product Description

This 3-in-1 advanced unit detector is used to detect and locate in three way stud,metal, and AC voltage. It can be used in construction, fitment, carpentry and etc. It has audible and visual alerts. Can be operate easily with just one switch. Handheld design making it easy to carry when doing some DIY jobs.


  • Find metallic pipes in concrete
  • Find electric box, exhaust vent, conduit, rebar, and ducting
  • Trace hot wires dehind ceiling,floor, and wall.
  • Install grab bar, ceiling fan, and chandelier securely.


  • Detects metal, wood studs and AC voltage
  • Find the stud center
  • AC scanning to trace hot wire
  • Metal scanning for finding nail, pipe, rebar, and other hidden mettalic objects
  • Buzzer and LED spotlight appears when unit detects an object
  • Design with groove for marking
  • 4 Red LED for signal indication ( when the unit detects an edge of object, the top signal LED light as an indicator)
  • Green LED power indicator
  • Mode selection (Stud / Metal / AC Wire)


  • Detection Depth 
    • Stud Mode : Wood stud of 30 x 30mm : ≤18mm
    • Metal Mode : Iron pipe of Φ 25 : ≤30mm
    • AC Mode : Typical depth of 50mm for 90~250V at 50~60Hz
  • Operation Condition : -7~40°C below 75% RH
  • Storage condition : -20~50°C below 85%RH
  • Battery : 1 x 9V Battery
  • Dimensions: 151 x 66 x 31mm
  • Weight : about 164g (including battery)

Comes with

1 x 3-in-1 Detector w/ lanyard

1 x 9V Battery (FREE)

1 x English Instruction Manual

Blister Packaging

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