Adapter Cable - Mini-Stereo Female Jack (3.5mm) to RCA Male Plug


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Adapter Cable - Mini-Stereo Female Jack (3.5mm) to RCA Male Plug

Use to connect 3rd Party (Non-2Ground COILS) Coils to the Wavemaster~COIL~ Controllers.


  • Three (3) cables with one end a Female Mini-Stereo (3.5mm) Jack and the other end an RCA Male Plug
  • Since Stereo Plugs and Jacks have three possible connections, we provide three cables to ensure that one of them will work with your 3rd-Party PEMF Coil.

Simply try them, one at a time, until your COIL powers up.
Note which one works and use it exclusively.
You will know when it is working by looking at the Power Module Display; the Voltage and Current readings will change as the Pulses are sent to the ORIGINAL COIL.
You can always re-solder the other two cables the same as the working one, or ship them back to us and we will do it, no problem.
We suggest that you LOWER THE CURRENT OUTPUT of the Wavemaster~COIL~(Mega-VAR) to 0.2 Amps BEFORE plugging in your ORIGINAL COIL, then slowly raise it every minute until you get a comfortable pulse.
The reason for doing it this way is to avoid damaging your ORIGINAL COIL with too much current.

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