Custom Warranty Order, Pulse Controller for N. Gaugg


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Warranty Replacement of Defective Pulse Controller for Order #17-1060 


  • Enclosure (Black colour) containing High Current Pulse Control Module (15 amps continuous Duty, Customer setup should  draw around 4 Amps) and Volt-Amp Meters
  • Pulse Control Preset for 2 Seconds ON, 2 seconds OFF (Can be adjusted by 2Ground before shipping as per Customer request or by Customer which requires removal of cover via 4 small screws. NOT RECOMMENDED for warranty purposes and less headaches caused by possible "programming errors" LOL)
  • Voltage and Ampere Meter as per pictures, Max Voltage Display = 100 Volts DC, Max Current Display = 10 Amps DC
  • Metal Enclosure (Grey colour) with Cover for Current-Limiting Resistor whose value is 2.0 OHMS at 50 Watts
  • Resistor will be mounted to 90 degree braket inside enclosure
  • Two (2) Wires for Power Supply Connection
  • Two (2) Wires for connection to Bucket
  • The two Enclosures shall be secured together via 8 screws
  • NOTES: Customer is not returning defective Module from original order as per agreement.

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