Controller Only: Wavemaster (Mega-VAR)
Controller Only: Wavemaster (Mega-VAR)
Controller Only: Wavemaster (Mega-VAR)
Controller Only: Wavemaster (Mega-VAR)
Controller Only: Wavemaster (Mega-VAR)

Controller Only: Wavemaster (Mega-VAR)


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The Wavemaster ~NANO~ (Mega-VAR) is a Pulse Controller, made in Canada by 2Ground to use with your own Bucket, Coils(s) and Power Supply.
If you are not sure what your Coil or Bucket resistance is, no worries, the computer-controlled Mega-VAR matches the output power to your coil's resistance automatically! 

It can be used with  Anti-Nano Buckets or Coils that are wound with 8 AWG or higher copper wire.

Two (2) Banana Jacks for Input Power from your Power Supply and Two (2) Banana Jacks for Output to your Bucket.

Four (4) Extra Banana Plugs are included to fasten to your Power Supply Wires and your Bucket Coil wires.

Package includes:


  • Wavemaster (Mega-VAR) Controller in a sleek, easy to use enclosure
  • Variable Frequency and Power Control, user adjustable
  • Solid state, pure square wave Pulse Controller is adjustable from 1Hz to 25Hz (1 to 25 cycles per second, this can be modified during build to your exacting specifications) via an on board Potentiometer Dial control. The lower frequencies are used for relaxing healing while the higher frequencies heal and stimulate at the same time. An LED light Pulses ON each time current is delivered to the Bucket Coil such that the pulses shine faster as the frequency is increased.
  • Adjustable Power Level from 0.1 to 5 Amps DC yields approximately 1.2 to 60 Gauss output capability depending on Bucket Wire AWG (Gauge). We can design a System to your exact specification if desired, just ask us...
  • RCA Jacks for easy switching of Bucket Magnetic Field Polarity
  • Ten (10) preset, user selectable Current, Voltage and Power Levels can also be reprogrammed if desired
  • Two (2) Pre-Programmed settings (Low and High Power) are readily accessible by simply pressing the M1 or M2 buttons for two (2) seconds.
  • Power ON/OFF Switch

Power Settings:
MIN = Minimum Power to Bucket or Coil(s)
MAX = Maximum Power to Bucket or Coil(s)

Frequency Settings:
1 to 6 Hz = Relaxing healing
7 to 11 Hz = SCHUMANN healing
12 + Hz = Stimulating healing

Questions & Answers

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  • What do you mean by open side of coil? You said place open side on body. Please explain this device more in depth for us slow ones.

    Hello, the COILPRO coils resemble cyclinders with two open ends.

    A drinking glass also resembles a cylinder with one closed end and one open end.
    The open end is where you would pour water into the glass.

    Put either one of the open ends of the COILPRO coils on or near the affected area.
    Hopefully, that makes sense now.

    User manuals are included with the Wavemaster ~COIL~ units.
    The same manuals will be available for download or viewing soon.

  • Hello: Is there a way to put an adapter so this system works with this: And is there a way to add a dial to adjust the frequency please!

    Hello, yes we can make a connector to fit your coil so that it can plug into the Wavemaster~COIL~(Mega).
    We simply need to know the size (diameter and length) of the connector tip at the end of your coil wire.
    Also, we have released a few units with Variable Frequency Dial to control the frequency from 1 Hz to 25Hz.
    They should be on the website this week.
    We have posted an article about them on our Blog:
    We apologize for the late reply to your question; we are having some issues with this "Question and Answer" APP and were expecting your question in an email.

  • I also have a grounding mat: How can I ensure the systems work together?

    Hello, most grounding Mats that plug into a North American style receptacle use a standard 4mm Banana Plug.
    All of 2Ground's devices with "Ground Plug Adapters" are 4mm as well so there is no compatibility issues there whatsoever.
    We apologize for the late reply to your question; we are having some issues with this "Question and Answer" APP and were expecting your question in an email.

  • Can the mega var work with the nano bucket?

    Hello, that is a great question!
    You are getting ahead of us (or reading our thoughts or "To-Do Lists" LOL, JK!).
    Indeed, we are working on introducing variable Power and Frequency Control to the Wavemaster~Nano~ Series of Controllers for use with the 5-Gallon Buckets.
    The new design will also include Banana Plugs and Jacks from the Controllers to the Buckets instead of the 1/4" Compression Connectors being used presently.
    The changes will be applied to the:

    the Mini-PLUS7

    and the Mega (be it combo or single use)

    Expect to see them online within the next couple of weeks or so.
    If you would like one now, just let us know which Controller you would like to have retrofitted and we can send you some prices.
    The pricing should not change by much if at all but please don't quote me on that unitl I can talk to the Engineers.
    Thank you for asking and all of the best!

  • HI guys, do the 2 x '' output to bucket '' red leads pictured on the main photo come with the order ? I ask because I am not sure what type of Jack Plugs these are that are plugged into the unit . tia.

    Hello, those are "Banana Plugs" that go to the wires from the Bucket. 
    They plug in to the "Banana Jacks" that are mounted on the Pulse Controller.
    We usually supply two or three pieces of the "Banana Plugs" on request at no charge.
    They are easy to connect to existing Bucket wires.

  • One more question George ( sorry for all these questions ) .....there are various sizes of output jack plugs on Lap Top power supplies . What size is this one as I don't see a photo of the end of the device where the power enters . Also the fact that I have already cut the jack plug off my power supply will mean I need to get another to '' suit '' this device ( size wise etc ) . No big deal of course but a tad inconvienent best regards, Dave

    Hello, we supply two "Banana Jacks", one Red (Positive), one Black (Negative) for Power Input to the Controller.
    On request, we supply two "Banana Plugs" one Red (Positive), one Black (Negative), at no charge to connect to your own Power SUpply Output.
    We can use whatever type of Jack you require if that's what you want.
    You'll have to be 100% certain of the Type, since, as you stated, there are dozens of variations.
    That's why we stick with Banana Plugs and Jacks, they are Universal.
    By the way, no problem, ask all the questions you like!



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