Wavemaster ~COIL~ (Mini) - A Complete PEMF Therapy System


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A complete PEMF Therapy Solution! Great for localized as well as complete body pain relief, bone and tissue regeneration. It is proven to help depression, fatigue and provides an immediate energy boost.

The 3" and 4" COILPRO coils are used for the fingers to the upper arm. The 6" COILPRO coil is for the toes to above the knees, although the 6" COILPRO coil will work for the entire arm as well. We have tried to accommodate the most common sizes to suit most people, however, we'd be happy to wind coils to suit your specific needs.

You can either place the affected area inside the COILPRO coil, or place an open side of the COILPRO coil on to or near the affected area.

For example, to use for the shoulders, back and other hard to reach areas, simply place the open side of any size COILPRO coil on the affected area. For arms and legs, place the affected area inside the COILPRO coil.


  • Wavemaster ~COIL~ (Mini) Controller in a sleek, water-resistant and easy to use enclosure, just plug it in!
  • Pre-programmed by 2Ground
  • Solid state square wave Pulse Controller is set for a soothing, calming and healing 2 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF (0.25 Hz), continuous duty cycle. The Pulse timing is adjustable to suit your preference, please indicate when ordering although the 0.25Hz pulses are best with all tests we have done.
  • Your choice of three (3), four (4) or six (6) inch diameter "COILPRO" Coil wound with pure copper enameled magnet wire and one (1) meter cable with quick connectors.
  • Blue LED light blinks when the Wavemaster~COIL~(Mini) is sending current to the COILPRO Coil for visual feedback.
  • 12 Volts DC @ 5 AMPS (60 Watts) Laptop Style Power Supply


  • Car Lighter Plug Adapter - Use your Wavemaster in your car or from any other 12Vdc Source with a Car Lighter Plug 
  • Car Adapter Distribution Kit - Provides three (3) extra 12VDc Sockets that you can use for your PEMF System, a Ground Strap or to charge your USB devices.

Magnetic Flux and Frequency measurements can be viewed here:


Here is a video with Magnetic Field Strength and Pulse Frequency


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